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Patriarchs Rising

Patriarchs Rising was created to inspire the elimination of sexual violence against women.

“Remember the sacredness of where you came from and wherever you may go”

We all came from a sacred womb and sacred yoni.

Women have a richer understanding of life than men. Women’s reproductive system provides deep levels of introspection, starting from puberty with their monthly cycles. Also, the experience of a human growing inside oneself provides profound levels of appreciation and understanding of life. Matriarchal communities were once naturally more common in communities around the world. Women’s ability to nourish a baby inside and outside of their womb and the synchronisation of their menstruation cycle with the moon cycles increases their awareness of food and their relationship with nature. They were the predominant traditional natural healers.

In cultures that acknowledge we are all infinite spiritual beings having multiple life experiences on earth, sexual violence against women is considered worse than murder. It is seen as harming children before they are born. In contemporary terms, this means traumas can be inherited, and they can evolve with each generation. It’s like when a child grows up in an abusive home, they may become an abusive adult or they may evolve with a form of self-abuse.

The sexual violation of women can be likened to the violation of one’s mother. Mothers, as the bearers of life and nurturers, are integral to the survival and well-being of their offspring. Violating a woman, therefore, is not only an act of violence against an individual but also a betrayal of the very source that gave life to the violator. Sexual violators are effectively cursing their existence.

Patriarchs rise when we challenge the conditioning embedded in the language we use, mankind, menstruation, menopause, management, and many more, including many derogatory terms.

Patriarchs rise when we reflect on the negative interpretations of women in religious texts, especially in the beginning where a woman is blamed for all the evil that has evolved in our world. The irony is that it is mainly men who are responsible for committing evil acts in our world. The plight of Eve and other stories have been interpreted as a mandate to punish and control women for centuries.

Patriarchs rise when we challenge our subconscious conditioning. Every year at least 90% of countries around the world are in unison, singing praise to our fathers on Father's Day. This happens on or near the summer solstice. The summer solstice is the longest day of the year, with the most daylight of the year. It is traditionally the most important day of the year. In contrast, Mother’s Day is celebrated near the beginning of Spring, with around 40% of the world celebrating in unison. The winter solstice is also traditionally an important day. This day now coincides with the celebrations for the birth of Jesus, another Patriarchal celebration. National and international celebrations shape the consciousness of the population. #cancelfathersday for a year or two and #changefathersday.

Patriarchs rise when we challenge every facet of our conditioning used to create a reality where one in three women experienced some form of gender-based violence. War, colonisation, enslavement, and lockdown exacerbate violence against women. The failures in investigating the Epstein flights list are horrendous. Our collusion in the mass atrocities in the Congo, West Papua, and other places, supports the most appalling existence of women and girls. This is all unacceptable. We can do better.

How can you help patriarchs to rise?

My Conclusions

We men have to explore our conditioning, it is a horrible way for our species to evolve. We need to be able to cringe whenever we think of dominating or having some notion of ownership over a woman, When those horrible feelings arise, treat them with love and trust you will find ways to flip the scripts of our conditioning.

Matriarchal societies are the only way to a more loving co-existence on our beautiful Earth. It will at least, significantly reduce the male violence against women and girls, and that alone will enrich our evolution.

Patriarchs only rise when they hold Women in higher gender esteem, 🙏🏿∞💖

by Kwame Djemjem

(16 days of activism to eliminate violence against women)

Indigenous Peoples Embassy

Indigenous Peoples Embassy is a fledging initiative, serving matriarchs of indigenous communities worldwide. Patriarchal oppression was exported to many parts of the world when Britain and other European nations battled to rule the waves and colonise lands. Indigenous gender relations were compromised. Supporting matriarchs is the best way to support indigenous communities' recovery and well-being.

Patriarchs Rising Project

I welcome collaborations to complete this picture with paint and hashtags. I want to take Patriarchs Rising to events where people can write hashtags on the canvas to inspire patriarchs to rise and eliminate all violence against women—facilitating creative events to spark insights and action into how we can overcome our conditioning of objectifying and subjugating women. Please DM me if you would like to collaborate.

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