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'designed to enrich lives'

each symbol dedicated to a cause which promotes love and respect

Earth Mother

This is the first Infinite love symbol we created.

This symbol is dedicated to giving love and support to our Mother Earth and the Mothers of our Earth.



This pendant is inspired and dedicated to the Chagos Islanders.


They were evicted from their homes around 40 years ago to make way for a US military base. 


Many have died from a broken heart.



This symbol looks vaguely like an owl. It is dedicated to initiatives which promote love, respect and the well-being of animals.

We would like your help to decide which animal related causes need a little more appreciation, funding and love.



This symbol looks like two people in a loving embrace.


This symbol is dedicated to our sometime forgotten sisters and brothers, the refugees, the colonised people of our world and victims of war. Many of whom that have lost their family, security, hopes and dreams.



This symbol will be used to promote acts of kindness throughout the world. Kindness is contagious and we want infect our planet with more of it.

We do not currently have a specific cause to dedicate this symbol to. We would like your help in the near future to decide which kind acts will be supported



This symbol looks like a child within a love heart.


This symbol is dedicated to young people and children who need a bit more love.

Peace - in development

This is a rough design for a symbol which represents two sides coming together to form a loving respectful relationship.

Peoples in conflict will benefit from initiatives to help them to love each other more.