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Dear Indonesia

Dear Indonesia, your brutality in West Papua brings great sadness to our world. We would like you to unconditionally leave West Papua before the genocide becomes a Holocaust.

For hundreds of years you have battled with foreign invaders who deemed you were not capable of governing yourselves. The Portuguese first colonised you, then the Dutch and the Japanese had a little go too. There were countless atrocities committed over these generations. Your resilience and desire to be free led to a bitter armed struggle which finally gave you your independence. You know more than many other nations of the world, what it is like to feel trapped in your own country, frightened and to live, feeling hopeless and unable to determine you own destiny. West Papua are captive to a projection of your own pain and fears which were nurtured by the Dutch, the Portuguese and Japanese while you were colonised. They came at you from different angles with horrific forms of oppression. Your actions in West Papua demonstrate you have not reconciled with the nightmares your own past.

Over 500,000 West Papuans have died at the hands of Indonesians since 1970. The rest of the population are living in misery. This is all because you want control of West Papuans natural resources. Oppressing people for financial gain, like the Portuguese, Dutch and Japanese.

West Papuans are crying for the same reasons Indonesians were crying for centuries. Something has got horribly twisted in the psyche of Indonesia during their colonisation. Its as if inflicting murder, rape, torture and horrific violations has now become normalised. It was not acceptable for Indonesia to be subjected to these atrocities and it is not acceptable for West Papuans or any people in our world. It feels like you are saying the best way to release pain is to give pain. It's not working, it did not work in East Timor and it's definitely not working for West Papuans.

We have aligned the Infinite Love Embrace symbol to the West Papuans. Profits from this symbol will be given to support West Papuans and bring worldwide awareness to the misery they endure. The symbol contains an infinity symbol and a love symbol, it looks like two people in a tender loving embrace. We would like Indonesia to replace their pain with love and embrace West Papua as sisters and brothers.

Please share this indiscriminately with the whole world. Send lots of love to Indonesia to fill the void which has infected them with hatred of themselves which is projected towards West Papuans. ∞💙

Mural by Dale Grimshaw

With love, Kwame Djemjem... ∞💙

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