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Cuba, we need your help

Dear Cuba, the most love and respect goes out to you. Without your love and compassion South Africa might still be an Apartheid state today. We honour the sacrifice you made in many countries to uphold the dignity of fellow human beings.

"Our world Needs you one more time"

Our world needs your help one more time. West Papua is a nation which shares the same colours and star on your flag. We need one more Castro inspired liberation to free our sisters and brothers in West Papua. West Papuans is situated near Australia. They are experiencing a horrid form of Colonialism from Indonesia which has accumulated more than 500,000 death in less than 50 years and countless cases of misery.

"They have now transferred their pain of their onto the innocent people of West Papua"

Indonesia were formally colonised for hundreds of years by Portugal, Netherlands and Japan. They were demonised and suppressed by their colonial enslavers. They fought bitterly for their independence. They have now transferred their pain of their onto the innocent people of West Papua by enslaving them. They need a lot of love to overcome their superiority complex and contempt for West Papuans. Indonesia needs to accept West Papuans as fellow humans who value the same freedoms they died for.

When Castro said stop to the South Africa Apartheid regime, with a little encouragement, they bowed down to Cuban forces. In honour of those who have died for freedom, please ask Indonesia to stop. Stop the occupation and unconditionally leave West Papua immediately without any conditions.

Please help in a loving way and contribute to the end of these West Papuan and Indonesian nightmares.

The Infinite Loves Embrace symbol is dedicated to support the freedom of West Papua. Profits from this symbol will support any initiative which helps Indonesia to embrace West Papua with love.

"It is unimaginable how this genocide is able to continue in our world today."

Please share this indiscriminately until at least every Cuban and every Indonesia has been made aware of all initiatives to stop the silent genocide.

With love, ∞💙

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