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Dear Australia your closest neighbour needs your help

Dear Australia, we are writing to you because you are one of Indonesia's and West Papua's closest friends and neighbours. It has come to our attention many years ago that Indonesia is being hateful towards West Papua.

"Compassion for West Papuans hits a brick wall..."

This is a big ask, West Papua needs your help. Compassion for West Papuans hits a brick wall around the world because of wealth to be gained from their exploitation. Australia has a big voice in the region. Please use your voice Australia, ask Indonesia to leave immediately.

Indonesia has renamed West Papua as Irian Jaya. They are on course to decimate the West Papuan spirit. Homes are being lost to the exploitation of minerals and timber. Tribes are being assimilated by circumstances and force. West Papua is suffering.

"...evolved from being the abused to becoming an abuser."

Indonesia is also suffering. Within 20 years of independence, they evolved from being the abused to becoming an abuser. They were brutally colonised for over 500 years before they were able to determine their own destiny. They have had the Portuguese, the Dutch and the Japanese adding different forms of colonial abuse, it was horrible for them. After so much hurt and pain and an immense bitter arms struggle for independence, they have chosen to transfer their pain onto West Papua. All the things which Indonesia hated about their own colonisation are now being perpetuated by Indonesia. Over 500,000 West Papuans have been killed. Indonesia needs lots of love to heal their own colonial pains and to be able to connect with West Papuans as their equals, their sisters and brothers. Indonesia has to unconditionally leave West Papua now, before the genocide becomes a Holocaust.

West Papuans deserve at least the same human rights as Australians.

We invite you to help Indonesia embrace West Papua with Love.

With Love, Infinite Loves ∞💙

please find a way to make a difference

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