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A Lovetest - #FreeWestPapuaWithLove

This is our third year of our evolving expression to give love to Indonesia on their Independence day, so they may reciprocate by giving Love to West Papua.

Indonesia were brutally colonised for over 500 years by a few nations. When Indonesia emerged from their oppression and gained their independence, within a few years they had transferred their pain and suffering on to West Papua by colonising them.

This year we have created a large ‘Embrace – Infinite Love’ symbol. This symbol looks like 2 people in a loving embrace.

The symbol we made is detachable, an Infinity symbol and a Love symbol.

We asked the people of London to draw an Infinity symbol and stick Love hearts on the Embrace Infinite Love symbol.

This year we feel Australia needs a little love too. Earlier on this year 01/06/19 the Australian Prime Minister’s delegation took offense to the West Papua being flown when they landed in the Soloman Islands. They demanded the removal of the flag.

This year we are also giving Love to Australia, half of the Embrace Infinite Love Symbol will be given to Australia.

The other half will be given to Indonesia.

We hope the freedom and liberty which the people of Indonesia and Australia appreciate and value, can be passed on to West Papuans.

Indonesia and Australia, once these symbols has traveled the world we will give you one each. We hope you will reunite the symbols and give it to West Papua to symbolise you are both beginning to Embrace and Free West Papua with Love.

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