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Indonesia, please embrace West Papua with Love

West Papuan Culture is being eroded

West Papuan culture is being eroded. There is no future for West Papua within the Indonesian system. Skimming the surface of the misery of West Papuans is cringe worthy. Their plight resonates with me so well because it's the same story that has been played out in our world over and over again. I feel their pain, it is of the same essence of pain my ancestors endured. The oppressors also resonates with me because my ancestors were enslavers and subjugators who compromised their capacity to love through oppressive endeavours.

Tightening grip on oppression

Its so easy to get caught up in anger when oppression impinges on your dignity or the dignity of others. This creates a turbulent tussle, a fight between freedom and a tightening grip on exploitation. Anger and Misery upholds oppression, they are of the same ilk. Both sides feeding off each other. West Papua's cultural splendour will not survive centuries of Indonesian colonial enslavement. West Papua needs Indonesia to embrace them with love NOW, #LeaveWestPapuaNow.

Invest love and share the joy

Research more about the plight of West Papuans, visit

We invite you to give a silent genocide, some love.

Love Indonesia, and ask them to reciprocate their love to West Papua.

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