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Emancipation with Love

I honour those who have suffered through the enslavement of People. Suffering happens on all sides. Enslavers switched off their ability to see the beauty in others. Complicit traders, sailors, factory workers, chiefs, and capturers, all invested in misery of other people. Countless having their dreams crushed by exploitation.

This is our bubbling legacy which gives life to the way we treat each other today.

West Papua, West Papua is experiencing the ripples of this legacy today. Indonesia is cracking the whip this time, Australia, USA, and others are complicit traders, West Papuans are having their dreams crushed.


West Papua needs a lot of love and its Indonesia who needs to show it to them. I invite you to help Indonesia to embrace West Papua with Love. You are invited to give some love to Indonesia and ask them to return their love to West Papua,

Find a way to send lovely messages to Indonesia, #FreeWestPapua, Help to fund a lovely gesture.

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