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Dear Everyone, West Papua is crying.

Dear Everyone, West Papua is crying. The Indigenous people of West Papua are being subjected to immense suffering under the hands of their colonial masters, Indonesia. Any form of colonialism is degrading, the colonialist have always trampled over indigenous people to look after themselves handsomely first.

West Papua is going through a type of colonialisation where a different race of people is invading/settling. Similar in execution in the countries we now call Australia, Canada and the USA. Slaughtering indigenous people, dehumanising and trampling over them for their land and the minerals under their feet. Over 500,000 West Papuans have been killed during 40+ years of Indonesian rule.

The vast exploitable mineral wealth in West Papua has coerced many nations and the mainstream media into being silent in the condemnation of Indonesian oppression. This is reminiscent of the South African Apartheid regime which eventually crumbled under world condemnation. Australia is one of their closest neighbours which has helped to train and arm Indonesian soldiers. Australian priority access to mining rights in West Papua has choked Australia, there has only been intermittent gasps of human rights concerns. Indonesia is committing genocide right now.

The entire population of West Papua are living in fear under the vicious oppression of Indonesia. West Papuan hopes and dreams have become nightmares.

Indonesians are suffering too, they have a national form of post traumatic stress disorder, contracted during 500 years of being colonised by foreign powers. Yet within 20 years of their independence they had evolved from being the abused to becoming the brutal abusers in West Papua.

If West Papua continues to follow the colonialisation process like the ones demonstrated in the USA, Canada and Australia, they are going to be victimised in other ways. They will be slaughtered to sufficient levels and corralled before their children will be sent to boarding schools to get abused. This is like injecting West Papua with a heavy generational dose of abuse, designed to become a self perpetuating destructive force. This cannot happen again in our world.

Indonesia has to unconditionally leave West Papua now.

Our Infinite Love Embrace symbol is dedicated to helping West Papua. An infinity symbol combined with a love symbol, which looks like two people in an embrace. West Papua needs a lot of love to overcome their misery. Indonesia also needs a lot of love to heal their colonial wounds. We invite Indonesia to embrace West Papua with love and LEAVE.

This is an open letter, please share this with at least everyone in West Papua, Indonesia, Canada, United States and Australia. Collectively we can stop this genocide from escalating any further.

With love, Kwame Djemjem... ∞💙

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