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'the love of a mother is infinite'
Earth Mother

This is the first Infinite love symbol we created.

This symbol is dedicated to giving love and support to our Mother Earth and the Mothers of our Earth.

Our planet needs more love, our natural environments are being destroyed and we are jeopardising the future existence of many species including our own. The plastics in the oceans, the deforestation, the pollution, the disregard of Mother Nature have all been devastating. This symbol will promote initiatives to address this imbalance.  


The women and mothers of our world need more love. All over the world, women are subjected to inequality and are treated as objects by many. The world would be a better place if more Mothers were in positions of power. Mothers appreciate life more because of the birthing, nurturing and investment they undertake to raise a child. Supporting mothers will support our future.

​It is a honour to be able support these fundamental causes.

We are looking for women's and environmental initiatives to support. We invite you to suggest a charity.

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