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Remembering the Goddess

It's been nearly two years since Kwame first created the Infinite Love symbols and made the pendants. Here I am two years in their presence and I continue to be amazed and curious about the different perceptions and experiences of the symbols.

Even though this project is called Infinite Love, using the infinity symbol and a heart, we quickly learnt that putting a fixed meaning or interpretation on them was impossible. The mind wants to define, identify and give meaning....I was always asking myself....What are we trying to say with this project? What are these symbols all about? It seemed to always be changing.

Symbols for me are magical. There is something about a symbol that touches me in a way words cannot. In a way that is simple and intuitive.

These symbols that have been birthed by Kwame feel fluid to me in their expression.

A part of me says "the symbol just IS....And that is enough." Assign it no meaning.

And so I waited....waited for them to speak to me......

This is all I can own experiences with these beauties....

Be still and listen and they will speak with you...

Allow your own unique experience with them.


Kwame sent me a photo of his creations right after he had made them in Africa.

From the very second I saw them they screamed out loud 'feminine' 'woman' 'Goddess'.

For me there is no denying they carry the beautiful shape and form of the Goddess.

The symbols do reflect Infinite Love, but what speaks to me more deeply than I can describe is their expression of the Goddess, the Sacred Feminine. The Sacred Feminine that resides in ALL of us- men and women alike. The symbols are a huge reminder of HER for me. Of HER PRESENCE in me. The Curves, her shape, the soft edges. Reminding me ALL WAYS I AM A WOMAN.

I took the Earth Mother brass pendant to my first Red Tent circle to share on our altar. There was a circle of seats and unknowingly I sat down in the North Direction corner. Keywords written on a piece of paper read 'Mother Earth, Earth Element, Connection to Earth. Perfect that the Earth Mother pendant and I sat here.

Completely embraced by the red of that circle I realised I had always had a RED ribbon tied around her. And that she has always been calling me to ROOT. Come back to myself. Red is the colour associated with the Root Base Chakra. Calling me to come into my goddess body, get my feet on the ground, restore my connection to Mother Earth. To bring her essence down into my womb and root there, into my Sacred Womb space. When I look at the symbol now I see that the heart shape is also womb shape, and I learnt a meditation at the Red Tent circle that uses the infinity symbol to link the heart and womb space. It is my understanding that if I connect to myself in this way, reclaim my body and restore the balance inside, the simple act of this alone will bring healing and change to our world.

If the Earth Mother symbol or any of the other symbols call to you please check the pendants out on our site!


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