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Our Earth Mother

This is the first Infinite love symbol we created. Being the first symbol it had to be aligned with a cause which resonates with all of us.

Our Earth is continually been violated, contaminated and disrespected. This symbols is called Earth Mother and it represents the love we give to our Earth to ensure generations can live in harmony with our planet.

Women represents the biggest group of people that are discriminated against. The feminine spirit has been suppressed and violated for far too many years. All over the world, women are subjected to inequality and are treated as objects by many. I believe the world would be a better place if more mothers were in a positions of power. Most Mothers value life a lot more because of the birthing, nurturing and investment they undertake to raise a child. These are great qualities which we can all benefit from. There are few Female dominated governments are thriving in our world. We want to see some more.

It is a honour to be able support these fundamental causes which are critical to our planets harmonious evolution..

With Love, Kwame Djemjem ∞💙

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