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The Inspiration of Infinite Loves

Hello, my name is Kwame.

My journey through life took a huge leap on the day I saw the reflection of myself in another person, her name is Amelia. I felt as if all the labels I placed on myself to create my identity had vanished. The only words I could use to describe Amelia and I, was Love.

Shortly after that magical day, I went on a journey to retrace my ancestry in West Africa. I had started the process around 14 years before and had made several visits to Africa over the years. This time was extra special for me because I felt a sense of completion, I had connected my ancestral village. While there I was inspired by Amelia to write this poem.

"Without compromise I connect, I release, I merge, I share myself with another.

Unbounded we explore and create ways of being present with each other"

A few days afterwards I went to play in a brass workshop. Inspired by the Infinity shaped poem and Amelia, I create these pendants.

Infinite Loves were created.

Our vision is create a company which promotes Love in our world, we invite you to share our vision.

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