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The Story of the Infinite Loves Song

The Infinite Love song is an amazing collaboration of creative people spanning 6 months.

Song by Ross Green, Louise Wellby, Tom Hollis, The Big House Theatre Company and Kwame Djemjem

Dancers Amelia and Kwame

It started in Thailand, January 2016. I was on a sabbatical volunteering in a children's home Baan Dada near Sanklaburi in West Thailand. Ross Green is a musician who tours the world doing music workshops for groups of people. Ross was working at Baan Dada children's home, He was facilitating the production of a song and a music video with the children. One evening when we were kicking back on the a the verandah of the volunteers accommodation, I asked if we could write a song about Infinite Love. Over the next couple of hours I instructed him on how I wanted the song to flow and he strummed away on his guitar and plucked lyrics out of the air.

Baan Dada Children's Home

The first verse is about my journey of finding out who I was. I've spent a lot of time trying to understand what is the point of my existence. Which God is the right God, or even if there is a God.

The second verse is about the struggles, pain and anguish Ross and I have faced in life.

The third verse is about my experience and feelings of infinite love. I was created with love, I am love and this is how I now define myself. I added two lines to the song, 'I put my hands on my heart, dance my way out of the dark'. This is what I do to lift my spirit sometimes. I meditate on love and I dance.

We produced three verses that night, I was pleased.

The fourth verse was produced around six months later. While I was in Thailand I received an email from an amazing woman who runs a 3 month program to inspire young adults who have left the care system to raise their self esteem through life skills and drama workshops. Over 2 months she trains them to become professional actors and in the last month they put on a performance which contains aspects of their own personal challenges in life. She asked if I was available for work, I did not know what the job entailed at the time, I replied 'yes, I'll do it'. Later I found out she wanted me to become the assistant musical director/mentor for a project which lasted a couple of months.

I started mid April. I was responsible for creating some of the music in the production. One afternoon I asked the musical director Louise Wellby to sing the Infinite love song. I was blown away. She made the song come alive. It was awesome. The song was included in the production. Some of the lyrics were changed.

The fourth verse was inspired by the cast of the production. I wanted the to continue to inspire the young people to trust that they able to always do what is best for themselves.

Tom Hollis and Louise Wellby completed song I have now. Ross Green, Louise Wellby, The Big House theatre production and I equally share the rights to the song.

Please share our song

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