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Where is the LOVE, United Kingdom

50% of profits from this pendant is donated to the Chagos Islanders

Today, the UK government has said it will not allow 2000+ Chagos Islanders to return to their home. Over 40 years ago the UK exchanged the well being of 2000+ Chagos Islanders for nuclear weapons. The UK leased the Chagos island to the US to build a military base in exchange for cheaper Trident nuclear weapons. The UK killed their dogs and forced the Chagos people from their paradise home.

This story resonates strongly with me because some of my ancestors were forced by the British to leave their home lands, never to return. The subsequent abominations of them and their descendants is a vile stain on our world history. My ancestors were tortured, raped, subjugate, hated, abused and brutalised for over 400 years, The UK has offered no apology for their significant role they played in this abomination. The blaise disrespect of people without remorse has to stop. We cannot continue to live in a world were people are trampled for financial gain. We are all one people, the misery of the Chagossians is my misery and it is your misery,

This Chagos Infinite Love pendant serves to highlight the plight of the Chagossians and encourage the UK government to use our contributions to base their decisions on LOVE.

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