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I felt helpless today as the people of the Chagos Islands protested outside the home of the British Prime minister. They face an immense struggle to gain their right to return back to their island homes. This is a scenario that has been played out time after time in the British empire. People evicted from their homes because the colonial masters want their land. Kenya, South Africa, Palestine, Australia, US, Canada and other nations have all suffered a similar fate where the natives have been subjugate and trampled on and stripped of their land.

Now its time for the Chagossians to suffer, they are continually being refused the right to return to their homelands.


Its sad to say or even go there but all these colonised people have one thing in common, they are non white.

The British have to stop trading other peoples well-being for financial gain. It's disgusting how they evicted the Chagossians. It all began in a time when open blatant racism towards black people was in vogue. It was when Britain was a fully paid up supporter of the South African Apartheid regime, where black people were not recognised as people and basic human rights were neglected. Britain also grew their immense wealth on the back of inhumane abominations inflicted on Africans in the 400 year transatlantic enslavement. And there is still no remorse. With this kind of legacy it is easy to see why the Chagossians are in this situation today.


Where is the love for Chagossians Britain?


The way how the Falkland islander, the Gibraltans and Saint Helena islanders are respected and treated is totally different and so is there outward appearance. It is shameful, disgusting and embarrassing. It has to stop and Britain has to begin to repair the damage.


The creation of the Chagos Infinite Love pendant is an initiative to drive a message home into the heart of the British Government, treat the Chagossians with love. If the British government find that too difficult to do then just pretend they are white people like the Falklands islanders.

The Chagossians need a lot of help... Please contact them and offer any support.

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