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An Infinite Love Journey

Infinite Love is a journey which resonates with the core of my existence. Ever since I created this product I have indulge myself with thoughts of worthiness. Not too dissimilar from for thoughts and feeling I have had since I was young. The eau de crooked steps I take through this world continue to haunt me. I have a fairly good moral compass however I feel some of my actions in the past has trampled the well being of myself and others. Being an ambassador for Infinite Love pendant has seemed overwhelming, I am selling a product which is designed to enrich peoples lives. I feel enriched, yet i still feel I fall way short of being Infinite Love.

The mental beating up of myself comes from many different corners of my life. We live in a world where we are implicated in negative behaviour, by indirect actions and direct actions. The tax we pay contributes to the purchase of bombs which are not smart enough to spare the lives innocent people, animals and nature. Our utilisation of fossil fuels are detrimental to our environment, yet I continue to be complicit by riding in cars and using public transport. The food that I eat is tainted with the suffering of animals. The clothes I wear may also be produced with child labour, slave labour or cruelty towards animals. I consume negativity in a variety of ways which plays on my conscience. In the past I have used voluntary work to offset my negative foot print to bring some kind of balance in my life. I know I need to do more, I have to change my ways. I have to be committed to be Infinite Love.

These Infinite Love symbols have served as a blessing for me and others. Each Infinite Love Symbol is aligned to different aspect of love, which serves to reduce our negative steps in this world.

Infinite Love is a personal journey, I invite you to share your journey of love, self love and love of others. Love and good feelings are contagious, together we can elevate us all.

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